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Welcome to our nQPledge Page 

Our nQPledge is a sign of commitment from your organisation to demonstrate your dedication to becoming a neuro-inclusive organisation. 

A place where all - neurodiverse and Neurodiverse can thrive. 

Why take the pledge

The Australian Institute of Directors believe
(neuro)diverse teams are ...

What you get

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From Pride Pledge ws: Taking the Pledge as an organisation includes access to;

  • Community, collaboration & networking

  • Discounts on all our services including Rainbow Awareness Training & the Stocktake

  • In-house and industry specific resources

  • Free regular online Rainbow Awareness Training

  • Policy consultation, and the expertise of the Pride Pledge team.

  • Visibility assets, and Pride Pledge Branding

  • The Pride Pledge ACTIVE program

For more information on what we offer, see our services menu below. 

Our Pledge Statement 

“We commit to neurodiverse and Neurodiverse individuals being psychologically safe, accepted, included, and valued by Organisation and employees to improve mental well-being. We will use our voice to actively support and celebrate Neurodiverse communities.”

It only takes a couple of minutes to Take the Pledge

It's a fantastic way to show your commitment to neurodiversity inclusion and diversity and you get instant access to a range of resources to help your organisation become neuro-inclusive. 

  • We operate on a 12 month subscription basis.

  • Your level of subscription is determined by the size of your organisation.

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What else do we offer 


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