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How your school can improve youth mental wellbeing.

The mental health crisis among our Kiwi kids demands immediate action. With 23.6% of Kiwis aged 15 - 24 years in 2021-22 suffered severe psychological distress, double since 2020.

62% of secondary school principals said you can't access necessary crucial support, the need for a radical shift is clear.

DivergenThinking offers a lifeline to school principals ready to champion neuro-inclusivity.  We're not just highlighting the problem; we're providing solutions to create environments where every student, teacher, and leader can flourish.

How we can help you

Empower Educators

Training and resources to understand and support neurodiverse students.

Strategic Support

Tailor strategies to transform schools into neuro-inclusive communities.

Collaboration and Community

Building partnerships between schools, families, and mental health professionals.

Our neurodiverse children have been pushed to the margins by outdated systems.  It's time to bring them back to the center.  With DivergenThinking, school principals can lead the way in establishing neuro-inclusive schools where diversity in thinking and learning is not just accepted but celebrated.  

Take the step with us, we can make your lives, your teachers lives, your students and whanau lives easier!  We promise! Create a future where all members of your school community thrive.

The journey to neuro-inclusivity starts now!  Call 0800 DIVERGENT to learn more.

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