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Our Personal why

Living in a world where the neurodiverse and Neurodiverse can thrive throughout their life.

Our Goal

Educate everyone on how to create a neuro-inclusive, equitable and inclusive world, where everyone belongs.  Made up of three parts.

1. Community

2. Schools

3. Organisations

Introducing the founders of DivergenThinking

Natasya & Anton

Natasya Jones | Co-founder & Managing Director

Anton Ashcroft | Co-founder & Registered Psychologist

All our products and services are based on two unique concepts our co-founders created.

1. Little n vs Big N for Neurodiversity

2. The nQuadrant and NQuadrant models

We are not saying there are only four types of brains in the world. However, we all have strengths that show us our more dominant nQuadrant. When we don't understand our brains, these strengths can be overused and become challenges, meaning we have just moved out of our 'sweet spot'.

nQuadrant model


  • Each has a different strengths focus, motivational drivers and way of learning

  • We recommend organisations learn about the different brain wirings through our Getting GOT Series.

NQuadrant model

  • Overlays the traditional medical model labels of Neurodiversity over the nQuadrant model. 

  • However there is so much variation across the different labels plus many of Neurodiverse individuals have more than one label.  Therefore we recommend organisations learn through the Getting GOT Series.

  • Neurodiverse individuals within organisations learn to better get their Neurodiverse labels through our Getting Your ADHD or ASD SELF programmes. 

When neurodiverse and Neurodiverse individuals get themselves and each other better, that is when organisations will benefit from different thinking and improve productivity and innovation!

We focus on the strengths!  Because strengths based leadership improves mental wellbeing!

We help people
get people

We challenge the 'norm' because the norm doesn't exist.

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