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Our Getting GOT

Getting GOT is a series of 3 Programmes

Each Programme includes:

  • Builds upon the last.

  • Includes eLearning with 4 - 6 modules introducing our models and philosophies.

  • Facilitated interactive workshops putting theory into practise.

If you are unsure you 

try the eLearning first, however please note the true learning comes in the interactive workshops where we go from "Knowing to Doing".

Dive into our foundation of programme.

Unlock the secrets of your brain profile—discover your strengths and how to flourish with 'green brain' strategies.  Learn to navigate pressures with 'orange brain' insights, managing social threats and shifting back to your best self.   Understanding YOU is the first step to unlocking your true potential!

Broaden your horizon with Getting OTHERS.

See the world through a neurodiverse lens and master the art of supporting others.  Learn to listen deeply, navigate the 'Clash of the nQuadrants' to overcome miscommunication, and handle tough conversations with ease. Unlock the key to fostering understanding, empathy and harmony with different brains.

Transform team dynamics with Get TEAMS.

Apply a neurodiverse lens to Lencioni’s 5 Dysfunctions and Tuckman's team development stages, ensuring psychological safety and peak performance. Explore the core of your team’s function, influence change, and pave the way for collective success with a range of different brain wiring.  Elevate your team from surviving to thriving!

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