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Public Event - Getting OTHERS Workshop


This programme is part of our neuro-inclusion eLearning suites - our "Getting GOT" series.

In our Getting OTHERS eLearning suite you will learn: 

  • How to identify the brain profile and state of others.
  • Adapt your style to support nQuadrants in a green brain state.
  • Adapt your style to support nQuadrants in an orange brain state.
  • How to develop helpful strategies to support others in a red brain state.

This product includes one licence to our eLearning: Getting OTHERS. 

To complete the programme, you can book in for one of our regular publicly available Getting OTHERS Workshops when you have completed the eLearning. 

Getting SELF is the pre-requisite of this programme. You need to complete this before being able to enrol into Getting OTHERS. 

If you are an organisation and you'd like to book this programme for your employees, please find out more information here

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