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Neurodiversity Unleashed: Rally for Kiwis

Your Impact Matters!

Tired of just getting by? 

You're not alone

For many Neurodiverse Kiwis navigating work, seeking jobs, or anything in between, it's time to go from surviving to thriving! 

Your Brilliance Uncovered!

Feel like an outsider? 

Workplaces that sap your energy? 

Managers and peers not understanding your needs? 

Confused about what support you actually need? 

You’re in the right place. 

Change is Calling...

We need to change the story, but first, we need the facts.  Your experiences can highlight the critical need for a societal shift.  Stigma thrives on ignorance, but with your help, we can highlight the true value of Neurodiversity and the impact of proper support. 

Our Collective Mission 

While global data exists, our local stories are missing.  You're at the forefront of a revolution, driven by the need for the right support to showcase our unique skills. 

How to Make a Difference:

Living with a Neurodiverse lens and ready to share? 


  • What’s your neurodiverse identity? (e.g., ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, Dyslexia, etc) 

  • What strengths does your Neurodiversity bring? (e.g., productivity, creativity, empathy) 

  • What challenges do you face, especially at work? 

  • How has Neurodiversity shaped your life? 

  • What changes would help you thrive? 

Your Story, Our Future 

Sharing your journey champions a future where Neurodiversity is not just accepted but celebrated!  Together, we can create a society that sees the value in every individual's unique abilities. 

Let’s turn our collective journey into one of empowerment and success. Your voice is the catalyst for change.

Let's make it happen and let’s start building data!


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