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Neurodiversity and Gender Diversity - A Panel Conversation

This is a recording of our live panel conversation on Neurodiversity and Gender Diversity 

Thank you to our guests 

  • Martin King, (he/him), CE, Pride Pledge

  • Elena Kim (she/her) Co-Chair, Rainbow Auckland

  • George Fowler (he/him), Consultant, Pride Pledge

It was a pleasure to discuss with them: 

  1. Expand Your Thinking with overlaps between neurodiversity and non-binary identities statistics.

  2. Celebrate the Rich Tapestry of Neuro and Gender diverse identities

  3. Shatter the Myths: Myth-busting misconception and prejudice discussion.

  4. Forgoing Stronger Bonds: Art of allyship that builds bridges and creates spaces where everyone feels seen and heard.

  5. Where to from here: Empowerment through Education paving paths towards deeper understanding and acceptance

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