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Launch with us into Recruitment Innovation 

🚀 Discover our all-in-one Recruiting for Neurodiversity workshop, crafted for both individuals and small teams eager to elevate their talent acquisition game.

The Recruiting for Neurodiversity Workshop has three key parts innovating traditional recruitment systems and processes.

Ensuring you attract, assess and onboard the best brain wiring to ensure job, team and organisational success.

Programme 1. Attracting Neurodiverse Talent

What you will get out of it: 

  • Transform your recruitment with our nQRecruitment card deck. 

  • Break through myths and sharpen your strategy to attract neurodiverse brilliance.

  • Use nQuadrant profiles to pinpoint exact fits for roles and teams, crafting adverts that irresistibly attract the right minds. 

  • Set your organisation apart by welcoming neurodiverse talents.

Programme 2. Assessing Through a Neurodiverse Lens

What you will get out of it: 

  • Challenge: Conventional myths and unconscious bias.

  • Assess: Innovate assessment paradigms to clearly identify best brain wiring/neurodiverse skills for role success.

  • Innovate: CV analysis and understanding to see the phenomenal skills others do not see.

  • Recognise: Learn how to recognise phenomenal strengths often missed by others when referencing neurodiverse talent. 

  • Outcome: Refine assessments to see the true "super powers" neurodiverse brains bring ensuring greater role, team and organisational success!

Programme 3. Onboarding with a  Neurodiverse Focus:

What you will get out of it: 

  • Challenge conventional myths.

  • Customise onboarding to support the best brain wiring for the role, improving employee engagement and retention.

  • Tailor support, resources, and timelines to neurodiverse needs, ensuring faster role and team effectiveness

  • Transform onboarding into a neurodiverse empowering process. 

  • Cultivate a culture of competence, inclusion, and growth from day one.

Join our next series

Our next workshop will be: 

What: Programme. 1 Attracting and 2. Assessing.

🗓️ When: 22nd May 2024, 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm.

📍 Where: B:HIVE, 74 Taharota Rd, Takapuna, Auckland, 0622.

What: Programme 3. Onboarding.

🗓️ When: 19th June 2024, 12:30 pm - 2.30 pm.

📍 Where: Online, Teams.

This workshop is facilitated by co-founders Anton Ashcroft and Natasya Jones. 

Who is this for: 

💼  This workshop is ideal for Recruiters, HR professionals, recruiting managers, and small business owners.

Perfect for those seeking the competitive edge of our in-house workshop at a cost-effective rate.

What is the investment: 

Investment for this full-day workshop is $995 per person. 

💥 Special: Group booking discounts are available for cost-effective team learning.

📩 Secure your spot and inquire about group discounts today.  Innovate your recruitment with us!

Why You Can't Miss It:

  • Master nQuadrant profile development with the nQRecruitment card deck to identify the best brain wiring for the role and team.

  • Craft job descriptions and ads that attract the best brain wiring to ensure role success.

  • Enhance your assessment processes through our nQuadrant lens for assessing CVs and references through neurodiverse lens.

  • Improve interviewing and onboarding with strategies that best support the best brain wiring for the role, team and organisation.

🌈 Forge a more inclusive recruitment strategy that champions neurodiversity.


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