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NQCoaching Programme for ADHD


This programme is part of our range of Coaching and Therapeutic Accreditation Programmes

Our nQCoaching and nQTheraputic Accreditation Programme is the first of its kind in the world!  Pick the path you would like to start with and learn how to support ADHD/ADD or Autistic (ASD) individuals move from at times barely surviving to thriving!

Each programme includes: 

  1. 4 full days of training (2 x 2 days) 
  2. support through monthly group supervision to share learnings and insights and learn more as you go with Anton Ashcroft, co-founder and Forensic Psychologist with 30+ years of experience in the UK and NZ.

What you will learn: 

  • Understanding ADHD
  • Effective Coaching Models for ADHD:
  • Tailoring the Coaching Process for ADHD
  • Strength-Based Coaching for ADHD
  • Tools and Techniques for ADHD Coaching
  • ADHD in the Workplace
  • Advocacy and Awareness

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