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Introduction to Neurodiversity Awareness


The perfect way to engage the hearts and minds of your employees in 60 minutes, introducing our philosophies, Neurodiversity, models and facilitators. 

  • Insight into how our brains are wired and the impact this has on how we process and experience the world around us
  • Learn how different thinking drives particular types of behaviours.
  • Bringing a strengths-based lens to Neurodiverse labels.
  • How similar external triggers can be processed in very different ways due to different brain wiring.
  • A few tips on how to influence different brains.

We offer this in-house, exclusive for organisations, delivered live and online. 

Cost is $1,296 + GST

On request these can be booked to be delivered in-person at an additional cost. 

We also offer this as public events for which you can purchase individual tickets for. Click here to book a spot on our next public event. 

Please note, our nQAccreditation Programme has an Introduction session included. 

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