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nQRecruitment Series - Complete Workshop


This is our complete nQRecruitment Series full-day workshop options. This is delivered in-house to your organisation only and can be delivered either in-person (recommended for full-day) or online. 


  • Introducing nQRecruitment card deck to identify how to develop nQuadrant profiles for roles.
  • Developing adverts to attract the best brain wiring for roles.


  • Reviewing CVs through nQuadrant lens
  • Understanding references through nQuadrant lens.
  • Ensure assessment processes to allow nQuadrant brains to shine.
  • Adapting interview styles to allow nQuadrant brains to shine.


  • Effective onboarding processes for neurodiverse and Neurodiverse to thrive.
  • Identifying resources, time and support to suit nQuadrant needs.
  • Implementation and review.

This programme can be delivered individually as a 2 hour workshop or combined as a ful-day workshop.

This is for the combined version, which also includes 5 copies of our nQBrainwiring card deck. 

For the individual options, please head here. 

To purchase a copy of our nQBrainwiring card deck, please click here. 

For the toe-tip version - our introduction to nQRecruitment Introduction Webinar, please click here. 

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