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Getting SELF Programme for Individuals


Our next Getting SELF Workshop is on Wednesday 13th March 2024 

9.30 - 11.30am 


This programme is part of our neuro-inclusion programme - our "Getting GOT" series.

This is the combined option - for the Getting SELF eLearning AND the Getting SELF 2 hour online workshop. 

In our Getting SELF eLearning suite you will learn: 

  • Your brain wiring in green brain and strategies to support and maximise.
  • How your profile changes under pressure.
  • Your reactions to social threats and managing these.
  • Orange brain strategies to move back to green brain.

This product includes one licence to our eLearning: Getting SELF 


ONE SEAT on the next public Getting SELF 2 hour interactive online workshop. 

This programme is the pre-requisite for Getting OTHERS and Getting TEAMS as well as for our Recruitment Workshops. 

Please contact us, if you are unable to make this particular workshop but are interested in signing up for a future one. 

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