Join our upcoming nQTick Introduction Half-day session and get started on your journey!

Is your organisation ready to become neuro-inclusive but you don't know where and how to start

Then read on to find out how we can help you!

Over the past 4 years, we have developed a unique and special framework that can help organisations achieve real organisational change and become truly neuro-inclusive. 

Our focus is on building understanding, empathy and flexibility, along with psychological safety for neurodiverse and Neurodiverse individuals in organisations.

We emphasis the importance of overturning stigmas and promoting neurodiversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace. While at the same time cultivating a sense of belonging for all.

We know

1. Organisations have it tough out there and change is hard.

2. Organisations need to improve innovation to increase productivity.

3. Organisations want to do right by their people and improve overall mental wellbeing.

That is why, we have created a simple (not easy) framework to achieve all three of the above. 

And we packaged it up in one easy to digest session for your organisation

nQTick Introduction Half-day session

In-person - 4 hours - 2 - 4 people from your organisation

This half-day programme will inform and prepare you for our nQTick accreditation programme.
We’ll introduce you to Neurodiversity and provide the tools you’ll need to increase inclusivity throughout your organisation.

This will give you everything you need and the understanding required to then DIY your journey towards neuro-inclusivity. 

How does it work? 

  1. Before the session, your organisation will complete the nQAudit questionnaire and we will prepare the report of your responses. 

  2. You will send 2 - 4 people of your organisation along to the in-person introductory seminar. 

  3. During the seminar we will cover the following: 

    1. nQAudit and report of results

    2. Introduction to Neurodiversity Awareness session – to make you familiar with neurodiversity and DT’s unique approach

    3. Workshop to introduce you to and explain our signature nQTick programme: the nQFramework, the nQRoadmap and our unique support tools

    4. You will make your nQPledge and receive your nQPledge Certificate

    5. You get access to our nQTick Marketing Assets

After the seminar you will be ready to DIY your journey to neuro-inclusivity with our framework. 

What's included: 


A 30minute online survey for you to complete to assess where your organisation is at in its journey to neuro-inclusivity. We prepare a report based on your responses which will give you a baseline to workf from. 


This is our unique and signature framework, covering 6 competencies from promoting open neurodiversity, to workplace design and impact measuring and reporting. 


Your template and guide with action points and activities to implement to ensure a smooth journey for all. 


This is the CEO and/or Senior leader commitment, clearly stating the commitment is being made to becoming a neuro-inclusive organisation. 

nQSupport Tools 

As an added bonus, you get access to support tools, guides and templates to use along the way. 

nQMarketing Assets

Be loud and proud about your commitment and activities by promoting it via our nQMarketing Assets to include in your email signatures, on your website and socials. 


Date:      31st July 2024

Time:       9.00am - 1.00pm

Venue:    TBC ( Auckland) 


$5,850 +Gst regular price per organisation 

Early bird pricing $3,510 +Gst (available till 28th June)

Schools / Tertiary and NFP pricing available on request. 

Are you ready to start the journey with us? 

Why should you bother? 

Research shows a neuro-inclusive workforce will positively improve your businesses bottom line.


Find our more about our nQFramework

The foundation of our nQTick Programme.

Find out more about the six core competencies our nQFrameworks covers, are: 

Prioritise Neurodiversity

  1. nQAudit.

  2. nQRoad Map.

  3. nQPledge.

  4. Governance reporting structure.

  5. Feedback and systems to measure progress.

Neurodiverse Support & Tools

  1. Organisational support.

  2. Professional Support.

  3. ND peer group.

  4. Feedback on targeted support - easily accessible.

  5. Feedback on support - well published.

Promote Open Neurodiversity

  1. Commitment to flip the stigma.

  2. Communication campaign to encourage talking about Neurodiversity in the workplace.

  3. Extensive campaigns addressing stigma.

  4. Case studies and blogs about Neurodiverse employees.

Workplace Design & Organisational Culture

  1. Good physical working conditions.

  2. Healthy work/life balance, strategy, and management role modelling.

  3. Flexible working.

  4. Job design.

  5. Recruitment and onboarding.

Organisational Confidence & Capability

  1. Clear guidelines.

  2. Neurodiversity training.

Neurodiverse Impacts, Measures & Reporting

  1. Executive report.

  2. Annual report including Neurodiversity, published on website.

  3. Quarterly reported shared with employes. Including progress and Q&A sessions.

  4. Measure organisational activity and impact with external frameworks.

Show your commitment

Be loud and proud of your commitment and initiative and use your nQMarketing Assets both internally and externally to highlight your commitment to neurodiversity inclusivity. 

Interested in real organisational change?


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