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nQTick Programme
Our most extensive service

Interested in real organisational change?

The nQTick Programme is an annual programme focussed on building understanding, empathy and flexibility, along with psychological safety for neurodiverse and Neurodiverse individuals in organisations in order to thrive.

The nQTick programme emphasises the importance of flipping the stigma and promoting neurodiversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace. While at the same time cultivating a sense of belonging for all.

1. nQAudit

30 minutes online including feedback and recommendations report.

2. nQRoadmap

Template, support tools and 2 hour interactive workshop.

3. nQFramework

6 competencies to ensure organisational change.

4. nQPledge

CEO/Senior leader(s) commitment.

5. nQ & NQ Models

Our strengths based approach to neurodiversity, improving mental wellbeing.

6. Two In-house intro sessions

  • Neurodiverstiy Awareness.

  • Neurodiversity in Recruitment.

The nQFramework

The foundation of our nQTick Programme.

Prioritise Neurodiversity

  1. nQAudit.

  2. nQRoad Map.

  3. nQPledge.

  4. Governance reporting structure.

  5. Feedback and systems to measure progress.

Neurodiverse Support & Tools

  1. Organisational support.

  2. Professional Support.

  3. ND peer group.

  4. Feedback on targeted support - easily accessible.

  5. Feedback on support - well published.

Promote Open Neurodiversity

  1. Commitment to flip the stigma.

  2. Communication campaign to encourage talking about Neurodiversity in the workplace.

  3. Extensive campaigns addressing stigma.

  4. Case studies and blogs about Neurodiverse employees.

Workplace Design & Organisational Culture

  1. Good physical working conditions.

  2. Healthy work/life balance, strategy, and management role modelling.

  3. Flexible working.

  4. Job design.

  5. Recruitment and onboarding.

Organisational Confidence & Capability

  1. Clear guidelines.

  2. Neurodiversity training.

Neurodiverse Impacts, Measures & Reporting

  1. Executive report.

  2. Annual report including Neurodiversity, published on website.

  3. Quarterly reported shared with employes. Including progress and Q&A sessions.

  4. Measure organisational activity and impact with external frameworks.

Show your commitment

Once certified, organisations can use your nQTick materials both internally and externally to highlight their commitment to neurodiversity sensitivity.

Ongoing Benefits

  • New employees may attend regular online introductions to Neurodiversity awareness and Recruiting for Neurodiversity webinars.

  • New Zealand’s Neurodiversity Community – monthly online networking and collaboration sessions.

  • Policy consultation.

  • Expertise from the DivergenThinking team.

  • Visibility assets and nQTick branding.


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