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nQTick Accreditation


The nQTick Programme is an annual initiative focussed on neurodiversity and Neurodiversity in organisations.  It emphasises the importance of overturning stigmas and promoting neurodiversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. While at the same time cultivating a sense of belonging for all. 

Ongoing benefits

  • New employees may attend regular online introductions to Neurodiversity awareness and Recruiting for Neurodiversity webinars.
  • New Zealand’s Neurodiversity Community – monthly online networking and collaboration sessions.
  • Policy consultation.
  • Expertise from the DivergenThinking team.
  • Visibility assets and nQTick branding.

Included in this programme: 

  1. nQAudit | 30 minutes online including feedback and recommendations report.
  2. nQFramework | 6 competencies to ensure organisational change.
  3. nQ & NQ Models | Our strengths based approach to neurodiversity and Neurodiversity.
  4. nQRoadmap | Template, support tools and 2 hour interactive workshop.
  5. nQPledge | CEO commitment.
  6. In-house intro | Neurodiversity Awareness. | 60 minute online webinar.
  7. In-house intro | Neurodiversity in Recruitment. | 60 minute online webinar.

Once certified, organisations must display nQTick materials both internally and externally to demonstrate their commitment to Neuro-inclusion.

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